Houston maritime accident attorney in McAllen, Texas 

Houston Maritime Accident Attorney in McAllen, Texas

Maritime accidents are one of the most dangerous accidents that can occur. The maritime industry is heavily reliant on safety protocols, but accidents still occur. Many of these accidents occur due to negligence, lack of proper safety protocols, or human error. That’s why the Houston maritime accident attorney in McAllen, Texas is here to help injured victims.

What is a Maritime Accident?

A maritime accident is an accident that occurs on navigable waters, such as oceans, rivers, or lakes. These accidents can occur while performing duties at sea such as ship or rig workers, offshore drilling operations, crew members of commercial vessels, or fishermen. Accidents can occur due to heavy equipment, dangerous weather conditions, or navigational errors. It’s imperative for individuals to consult with a maritime attorney if they’ve been involved in an accident while at sea.

Why Hire a Maritime Accident Attorney?

A Houston maritime accident attorney in McAllen, Texas is a legal expert that specializes in representing individuals who have been injured in a maritime accident. They focus on maritime laws, regulations, and standards, which are specific to the maritime industry to help their clients get the compensation they deserve. It’s imperative to hire a maritime accident attorney because maritime laws are often complicated and extensive. Only an experienced attorney can make sure that the injured party gets the full compensation they deserve.

Common Causes of Maritime Accidents

Maritime accidents have been on the rise for the last several years. They are caused by a variety of factors that include but not limited to:

  • Human error: Many accidents occur due to a crew member’s negligence or inadequate training.
  • Equipment failure: Wear and tear, as well as inadequate maintenance, can result in equipment malfunction.
  • Weather Conditions: Poor weather conditions can make the environment harsher, resulting in hazardous working conditions.
  • Collisions: Collisions with objects like other vessels, icebergs, or rocks result in some of the most severe maritime accidents.
  • Fire: Fire can break out quickly in a ship or an offshore rig causing significant damage to both the property and humans.

What are the Compensation Options for Maritime Accidents?

Compensation options for maritime accidents differ from those of traditional accidents. Here are some options:

  • The Jones Act: Provides compensation to sailors injured while working for their employer due to a company’s negligence.
  • The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act: Ensures that workers on navigable waterways remain eligible for compensation due to injury or illness incurred during work.
  • The Death on the High Seas Act (DOHSA): If a family loses a loved one at sea, DOHSA can compensate for associated financial loss, not including damages for pain and suffering.

Relevant Steps to Take After a Maritime Accident

After a maritime accident, the injured party should take the following crucial steps:

  • Immediately notify the proper authority like the Coast Guard to create an official record of the accident.
  • See a medical professional even if the injuries don’t appear severe.
  • Collect all the evidence that will be significant for your case, including pictures of the accident and witness information.
  • Contact a Houston maritime accident attorney in McAllen, Texas

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you are involved in a maritime accident, it’s essential to consult with a Houston maritime accident attorney in McAllen, Texas. A maritime attorney can help you navigate through the complicated maritime law to ensure you receive full compensation. Negligence, equipment failure, weather conditions, collisions, and fire are common causes of maritime accidents. Remember to take immediate action, gather all relevant evidence and then consult a maritime attorney. An attorney is the only way to ensure that your rights are duly protected.