Houston maritime accident lawyer in Corpus, TX 

Houston Maritime Accident Lawyer in Corpus, TX: Your Legal Advocate in Times of Need


Houston is the fourth-largest city in the United States and one of the busiest ports in the world. As such, it is not surprising that the city has a vibrant maritime industry. However, with increased commercial activity comes a corresponding increase in accidents. When accidents occur, they can result in significant personal injury, property damage, and even loss of life. This is why it is essential to have a competent maritime accident lawyer in Corpus, TX, who can protect your rights and interests.

Understanding Maritime Law

Maritime law is a complex and specialized area of law that covers all activities that take place on navigable waters, such as oceans, rivers, and lakes. This legal area governs issues related to shipping, commerce, navigation, and seamen’s rights. Maritime accidents can have various causes, including vessel collisions, oil spills, defective equipment, and crew negligence. It is essential to have a knowledgeable maritime lawyer who can navigate the complexities of maritime law to get the compensation you deserve.

Benefits of Hiring a Houston Maritime Accident Lawyers

Maritime accidents can be devastating, both physically and financially. A skilled Houston maritime accident lawyer can be your legal advocate in times of need. These lawyers have an in-depth understanding of maritime law and can provide you with several legal benefits. Some of the advantages of hiring a Houston maritime accident lawyer include:

  • Expert legal representation in court
  • Experienced negotiators in settlement discussions
  • Assistance in filing a claim against the responsible parties
  • Guidance on how to handle the complicated legal procedures and challenges involved in maritime accident claims

Why Choose a Houston Maritime Accident Lawyer in Corpus, TX?

Maritime accident lawsuits can be complicated and time-consuming. Thus, it is essential to choose a Houston maritime accident lawyer who is dedicated to protecting the rights of accident victims and their families. The following are some reasons why you should consider hiring a Houston maritime accident lawyer in Corpus, TX:


One of the benefits of choosing a Houston maritime accident lawyer in Corpus, TX, is their proximity to the port of Corpus Christi. Being near the port gives the attorney a better understanding of the local maritime industry’s nuances, trends, and regulations, giving you an edge in the case.


Houston maritime accident lawyers have vast experience in handling all types of maritime accidents, including those involving oil rigs, container ships, and oil tankers. These lawyers have the knowledge, skill, and expertise to effectively represent their clients and get them the compensation they deserve.

Understanding of Local Laws and Regulations

Since Corpus Christi has an active port, the area has several laws and regulations governing maritime activities. Hiring a Houston maritime accident lawyer in Corpus, TX, who is familiar with these state and local laws and regulations gives you an upper hand when fighting for your rights.

Types of Maritime Accidents

Maritime accidents come in various forms and can result in significant property damage, injuries, and even death. Some of the most common maritime accidents include:

Vessel Collisions

Vessel collisions can occur due to inclement weather, slippery decks, navigation errors, or equipment failure. Such collisions often result in substantial property damage and injuries.

Equipment Failure

Maritime equipment failures can lead to fatal accidents. Equipment failures may include engine failure, steering malfunction, or faulty winches. If an equipment failure causes an accident, you may be entitled to compensation for any damages incurred.

Maritime Oil Spills

Oil spills from offshore drilling rigs and tankers are among the most devastating maritime accidents. These spills can have catastrophic effects on the environment and wildlife and can be extremely costly to contain and clean up.

Filing a Maritime Accident Claim

Filing a maritime accident claim can be a complicated process, and it is essential to have an experienced Houston maritime accident lawyer by your side. The steps for filing a maritime accident claim include:

Collect evidence and documentation

Gathering as much information as possible about the accident, including photos, witness statements, and medical records is essential. This evidence can help support your claim and strengthen your case.

Identify potential liable parties

In most maritime accidents, multiple parties may be responsible for the accident, including the vessel owners, manufacturers, and operators. Identifying the responsible parties is critical for filing a successful claim.

Understand Statutes of Limitations

Statutes of Limitations refer to the time limit you have to file a claim after an accident. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of the statute of limitations for maritime accident claims in Texas.


Maritime accidents can have devastating consequences, but with proper legal representation, you can get the compensation you deserve. Choosing a competent Houston maritime accident lawyers in Corpus, TX, that has experience dealing with maritime accidents and is familiar with local laws and regulations is crucial. The lawyers at the Law Office of Jerry J. Trevino, P.C. have the experience and knowledge to effectively represent their clients and get them the compensation they deserve.