Maritime work is undoubtedly hazardous. It poses multiple risks such as heavy machinery, slippery floors, risky weather conditions, and saltwater. Seamen and other offshore employees are susceptible to injuries caused by negligence, recklessness, or unseaworthiness of a vessel. These injuries can be severe, and it is vital to employ an experienced and informed maritime injury attorney. In Hobbs, you can count on maritime injury attorneys to provide you with legal representation to pursue the compensation you deserve.

Who is a maritime injury attorney?

A maritime injury attorney is a lawyer who specializes in dealing with maritime accidents and injuries. They assist injured seamen, longshoremen, shipyard employees, and other maritime workers who have been harmed on the job.

It is crucial to engage a maritime injury attorney as the laws that govern maritime accidents are different from the laws that regulate other types of injuries. These complex legal battles require an attorney that has specific experience and knowledge in maritime law.

Common causes of maritime injuries

The maritime industry is one of the most dangerous. The harsh and unpredictable weather conditions can cause severe injuries to workers and other occupants on board a vessel. Some of the common maritime injuries are:

Slip and fall accidents

Maritime workers are particularly vulnerable to slip and fall accidents due to the constant exposure to water on the ship’s deck. These accidents can result in head injuries, broken bones, and spinal cord injuries.

Accidents from machinery

The use of heavy machinery such as cranes, winches, and derricks pose great danger to maritime workers. If mishandled, these pieces of machinery can cause severe injuries and even death.

Fire and explosions

The use of gas-powered equipment, welding, and electrical faults can result in fires and explosions that can cause fatal injuries to workers.

Ship collisions

Ship collisions can cause severe injuries, property damage, and even fatalities. These incidents can be attributed to human error, equipment malfunctioning, and adverse weather conditions.

Importance of hiring a maritime injury attorney

Maritime injury laws are complex and can be difficult to navigate for those that are not familiar with them. Hiring a maritime injury attorney can help you understand your rights, help you file your claims, and get the compensation you deserve.

Knowledge of maritime law

Maritime injury attorneys have specialized knowledge of the laws that govern the maritime industry. They understand the unique regulations, legal framework, and jurisdictional requirements necessary in a maritime injury case.

Experience in handling maritime injury claims

An experienced maritime injury attorney understands the intricacies of maritime law and the steps to take to achieve a reasonable settlement. They have dealt with numerous cases before and understand how to communicate with the defendant’s legal team, insurance companies, and other relevant parties for a positive outcome.

Awareness of potential complications

Due to the complexity of maritime injury claims, a maritime injury attorney is adept at recognizing potential hurdles, such as jurisdictional issues, time limitations, and other legal complexities involved. This insight is invaluable in helping you pursue a successful claim.

What compensation can you receive?

If you have been injured on board a vessel, it is imperative that you seek legal representation from a reliable maritime injury attorney. They can help you get compensation for your injuries. Some of the damages you may receive include:

Medical expenses

Maritime workers who are working on a vessel or offshore oil rig victims of an accident can receive compensation for their medical expenses, including costs associated with surgeries, hospital stays, and prescription medicines.

Lost wages

A maritime accident can cause an employee to miss work, which is detrimental to their income. Loss of wages includes money you would have received had you continued to work in the absence of the accident.

Loss of earning capacity

In some cases, a maritime accident can leave an individual with a permanent disability. These injuries may make it impossible to return to work, resulting in a loss of earning capacity. This type of compensation is calculated based on factors such as age, job history, and other relevant occupational factors, including the current market.

Pain and suffering

Victim’s injuries that result in severe pain and suffering can receive compensation for this type of emotional distress.


The maritime industry is a dangerous one, with accidents occurring frequently. Seafarers, crew members, and other offshore employees face many risks while on the job. If injured, it is crucial to engage a maritime injury attorney who has specialized knowledge of maritime law and the skills required to handle maritime injury claims. In Hobbs, maritime injury attorneys can provide the compensation due to losses and injury resulting from a maritime accident or injury. By hiring an experienced maritime injury attorney, you receive legal guidance, advocacy, and representation to protect your interests and get the compensation you deserve.