Maritime law governs the legal responsibilities and rights of individuals and organizations operating vessels or involved in maritime activities. One such activity is shipping, which plays a fundamental role in international trade. However, as with any activity, maritime accidents happen, and when they do, they can cause severe injuries to those involved. This is when a maritime personal injury lawyer becomes essential. In Brownsville, Texas, the firm to turn to for legal representation in maritime personal injury cases is The Villarreal Law Firm.

The Villarreal Law Firm

The Villarreal Law Firm is a leading law firm based in Brownsville, Texas, that has been providing legal representation to the local community for over twenty years. The firm is dedicated to ensuring that its clients receive the best possible outcome in their cases, whether it be through negotiation, mediation, or litigation.

One of the areas that the firm specializes in is maritime personal injury cases. These cases range from injuries that happen to seamen, longshoremen, or workers on offshore oil rigs. Maritime personal injury cases also occur due to boating accidents, collisions, and shipping accidents. The Villarreal Law Firm has the experience and resources needed to handle these cases and provide the legal representation that its clients need.

Why You Need a Maritime Personal Injury Lawyer

When it comes to maritime personal injury cases, there are different laws that apply. Maritime law is complex and can be challenging to navigate, especially for those who are not familiar with it. A maritime personal injury lawyer understands this complex area of the law and has the expertise to apply it to your case.

Additionally, a maritime personal injury lawyer can help to determine the liable parties in your case. In most cases, multiple parties can be held responsible for the incident that caused your injury, including the vessel owner, employer, and captain. Determining the responsible parties is essential in ensuring that you receive the compensation that you deserve.

Compensation Available in Maritime Personal Injury Cases

Maritime personal injury cases provide for a range of compensation claims for injuries sustained by workers in the maritime industry. The types of compensation that can be claimed includes medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and disability benefits.

Medical expenses comprise the medical costs incurred in treating an injury. It covers the costs of hospitalization, surgical procedures, medical tests, physiotherapy, and medication. Lost wages represent the income that you have lost as a result of the injury. If you are disabled and can no longer work, you are entitled to disability benefits to compensate for this loss. Pain and suffering, on the other hand, covers the physical pain and emotional distress you have experienced due to the injury.

Contacting The Villarreal Law Firm

If you have been injured in a maritime accident, it is crucial to contact The Villarreal Law Firm immediately. The firm has experienced maritime personal injury lawyers who will guide you through the legal process and provide you with the legal representation you need.

The Villarreal Law Firm operates on a contingency basis, meaning that you do not have to pay for their services unless they win your case. The firm is ready to help you navigate through the legal process and ensure that you receive the compensation that you are entitled to.


Maritime personal injury cases can be challenging to navigate, especially for the victim that has sustained injuries. Maritime law is complex, and it requires the expertise of a maritime personal injury lawyer to ensure that justice is done. If you have been injured in a maritime accident, The Villarreal Law Firm is here to help. With over twenty years of experience, the firm has the expertise and resources needed to provide you with the legal representation that you deserve. Contact the firm today and find out how they can help you.